New RG+ Technology
As the recognized leader in the polymeric sand market, TECHNISEAL is proud to introduce a new generation of polymeric sand, RG+, which resists weather quickly after being activated, is designed to make joint stabilization easier than ever. It is recommended for the filling of paver or slab joints on surfaces exposed to normal traffic, such as driveways, terraces, backyards, garden paths, access roads,etc.

• RG+ will minimize / eliminate the issue of overwatering, the number one complaint of polymeric sands. RG+ will absorb the water it needs and then repel any excess water preventing over wetting and polymer wash out.*

• RG+ can be used when rain is predicted within 90 minutes of setup.

• RG+ can be used in joints up to 1" wide.

• RG+ will be easier to fill narrow joints as well.

• RG+ is available in tan or gray in 50lb. bags.

NOTE: RG+ can't be over watered, but it can be flooded with too heavy a spray
when activating.